The technology that we have to the stage of completion allows us to produce a wide range of graphics products to respond to an increasingly diverse demand of our clients.


  • Aster 160
    Automatic sewing machine by line. With minimum fto. of 150x75mm and maximum fto. of 310x400mm.
  • Heidelberg Stitchmaster
    Sewing machine with 6 stations + cover. 4 heads of single wire to double production. 2 heads wire to omega point.
  • MBO
    Folding machine with circular perforation. Fto. 700x1000mm. Can fold up to 16 pages (being cross fold) or 8 parallel folds.
  • Wohlenberg
    Composed by 2 phases: Sprinter City 7009 and 4000. It has 16 stations + cover with a trilateral guillotine output.
  • FIDIA / Combi Dora
    Folding and gluing machine covers
  • Stahl
    Folding machine with circular perforation. Maximum fto. of 500x700mm. Can fold up to 16 pages (being cross fold) or 8 parallel folds.
  • Stahl Folder
    Folding Machine + accessories (sizing, glue, perforation).
  • Picking place
    This accessory can be used on all folding machines.
  • Personalization
    This accessory can be used on all folding machines. Has 6 pistols to personalize.
  • Mat MBO HH
    Makes funnel folds for special finishes.
  • Palamides
    Strapping Machine.
  • Heidelberg Stahlfolder
    Machine to cut, fold, paste, gumming and pinking.
  • Herzog
    Cutting and pasting Herzog, with customization system and ability to insert objects into the leaflets.
  • Domino
    Mailing with 6 pistols to personalize.
  • Lamtex
    Thermal Lamination.
  • Kugler-Womoko
    Ring wire with automatic drilling. Makes tabs.
  • Renz Autobind 706
    Placing wire ring.
  • Smipack T450
    Shrinking machine.
  • Guilhotina Polar 115
    Maximum fto. of 1150mm. Have lifts and vibrator accessories.
  • Guilhotina Schneider
    Maximum fto. of 960mm.


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Into numbers

  • Prepress +

    4 Workstations
    Professionals with more than 20 years experience
    Last generation Software and Hardware
    More than a 1000 projects per year
  • Print +

    8 printing machines
    17 printing units
    Over 30 million print runs annually
  • Postpress +

    More than 20 machines
    Over 80 million annually folds
    Over 1 million books / magazines
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