Planning and Production Control

In the Planning and Control of Production Palmigráfica sector is given a great importance to the quality of the final product and the timeliness of delivery. The section monitors and advises on the development of the company, so you can be a Planning and Production Control always effective production system in order to bring the company a competitive advantage in the market.

It is increasingly necessary to plan. It is planned the future, we reflect on the way forward to achieve their objectives. Planning is necessary to take into account all the essential elements to decide how we will act to achieve the objectives.

Graphic Arts is made operational planning , focused on the development of activities and tasks that enable the realization of the daily work in the company and thus a short-term planning.

In Production Control is measured the performance of production equipment, set goals, objectives and identified possible deviations / errors, so that they can be corrected in order to optimize the operation of the production. The higher performance and smaller deviations / errors are greater the productivity.


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Into numbers

  • Prepress +

    4 Workstations
    Professionals with more than 20 years experience
    Last generation Software and Hardware
    More than a 1000 projects per year
  • Print +

    8 printing machines
    17 printing units
    Over 30 million print runs annually
  • Postpress +

    More than 20 machines
    Over 80 million annually folds
    Over 1 million books / magazines
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