Our vision and values

In Palmigráfica believe that the role of business in its institutional relationship goes far beyond the mere transaction products. Thus, the main task of Palmigráfica is to add value to the business of its customers through personalized service, based on a relationship of trust with customers and partners, ensures a superior final quality. Through our strategic vision we will:

  • Create value for our customers;
  • Create value for our employees;
  • Create value for the industry and for our partners.

We aim to be the best, most experienced, recognized and engaged in a continual improvement of our performance process. An attitude to serve, similarly, all of our customers, employees and suppliers.

Into numbers

  • Prepress +

    4 Workstations
    Professionals with more than 20 years experience
    Last generation Software and Hardware
    More than a 1000 projects per year
  • Print +

    8 printing machines
    17 printing units
    Over 30 million print runs annually
  • Postpress +

    More than 20 machines
    Over 80 million annually folds
    Over 1 million books / magazines
  • 1