About us

Palmigráfica is a company of graphic communication products and services on the market since 1984, and owes its name to the fact that, initially, to have installed at Rua da Palma. Since then it has been growing, lying currently installed in Loaded, about 30 minutes from downtown Lisbon, laboring in a space whose covered area totals approximately 2.350 m2.

Over the years Palmigráfica has accompanied the technological advances in the industry, constantly renewing their equipment and production system, acquiring the most modern machinery available in the market, according to their size, and allow the customer to ensure the best quality, safety and speed of execution.

Aware that investing in equipment is not sufficient to obtain the required quality, the Palmigráfica uses in its products with the best raw materials and combines this concern a good service organization and a well-trained and motivated staff .

To meet the needs of its customers, Palmigráfica offers a complete service ranging from Prepress, Printing and Finishing, Shipping and the direct and personalized support , provided by a team of Business /Customer Managers prepared to give answers appropriate at all times.

Into numbers

  • Prepress +

    4 Workstations
    Professionals with more than 20 years experience
    Last generation Software and Hardware
    More than a 1000 projects per year
  • Print +

    8 printing machines
    17 printing units
    Over 30 million print runs annually
  • Postpress +

    More than 20 machines
    Over 80 million annually folds
    Over 1 million books / magazines
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